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Use ClearScore, the UK’s award-winning credit report and score service, to find out what information lenders can see about you. It’s your ‘financial CV’, presented beautifully.Hundreds of thousands of people are already using ClearScore's service to track their finances and save money on credit products. As featured on Money Saving Expert, BBC, The Times, The Independent, Moneywise, The Daily Mail and Telegraph, to name a few.
FEATURES & FUNCTIONALITY- See your credit score, credit accounts, financial associations and searches against your credit profile- Updated monthly, so you can track your position over time and build a long-term picture- A local notification alerts you each time your new report is ready- Your personal dashboard clearly summarises your financial position- View an impartial selection of credit products (e.g. credit cards and loans) selected based on your credit profile, that could save you money- See your individual eligibility score for credit products (reducing the guesswork of applying)
HOW IT WORKSYou need to set aside 5 minutes to register and set up your account.
1. You’ll enter some details about yourself, which are used to match you with your Equifax credit file. 2. Once we’ve been able to find a match, we ask a series of security questions to ensure we’re showing your data to you, and only you. 3. You’ll then see your score, dashboard and report.
A NOTE ON SECURITYClearScore is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and complies strictly with the 1998 Data Protection Act. Your information is kept safe using the most robust and secure systems and processes.
We never sell your details to other companies and we never send you spam. The business makes income through advertising on the website.
More details can be found in our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
DON'T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT, HEAR FROM OUR USERSOur customers have awarded us 4.7/5 through Google Reviews - here's a few..
‘Worth every one of the five stars I've given it’
‘It was a beautifully designed site and very straightforward and so easy to use. Within minutes of going to the site and registering I had all the information I needed. This will be my go-to place from now on to access my credit information. I highly recommend Clearscore without hesitation’
‘Clearscore is really easy to use and it really is free….I am trying to build a decent credit score and Clearscore will help me achieve my goals’
‘Easy to join and use. Full of information to help improve your own credit score. I like the Dashboard feature where you can navigate to all the links with ease.’
‘Amazing! Can’t believe it’s free…Found out my bank didn’t cancel an old credit card years got that sorted the same day I signed up with ClearScore. Can’t wait to find out my score next month!’
The Times‘If you've never checked your record, consider a new service from, where you can get a copy of your credit score free of charge. It will allow you to check exactly what information is registered against your name at the credit-reference agencies – as, for all you know, the details may be incomplete or incorrect and make it more difficult and more expensive to get credit than it should’.
Money Saving Expert‘Clearscore provides free Equifax (the second biggest credit agency) scores and reports, updated once a month (note, Equifax and Clearscore are not the same company). It's not part of a free trial, and aims to give you your credit report free for life, but it will offer you credit cards and loans that you've 'matched' with. It gets commission on any you take out, though you're under no obligation to do so’